My monkeys keep disappearing



I my project, Peek a boo Monkey, whenever you tap to monkeys they all of a sudden disappear. I noticed while letting my little sister play it (she is a child, so it makes her go “ooohhhh” and “aahhhh”.) Here is the link


Hmm that’s kinda weird.

I’ll check In out In a while and see if I can help

Edit: just checked it out and it seems to be working fine for me. Do you have any screenshots or anything?


Here are some:



lol I meant pics of before you tapped and after you tapped.



You have a rule that makes the “eyes covered” monkey disappear and reappear in a loop after being pressed.

The “eyes open” monkey has a similar loop in it’s When Game Starts. Now, the “eyes open” monkey is on top of the “eyes closed” monkey, so when it’s hidden the other automatically becomes visible.

However once the “eyes closed” monkey it pressed they’re both hiding & unhiding with the timing depending on when you pressed the “eyes closed” monkey.

Just delete the When Pressed rule.


I didn’t encounter this bug, but @ThinBuffalo solved it. If that doesn’t fix it, the bug might be in the Hopscotch app itself, but I am pretty sure that this is a bug with your code.


@ThinBuffalo thank you for solving this. I did not realize that this was in the code. It was quite late at night when I coded this. Anyways, thank you.


I’m not sure why.
Maybe @Ana knows?