My momma has a potatoee


oh yah
my momma has a potatoeeee…in code. :000
Were you about to barge into my topic saying, "NOT RELATED?"
Have you ever saw a topic, that has lots of spelling errors, and is sort of like, I don’t know, spam-my? Is your first instinct to click that topic, and saying politely, "Oh, that’s not related?"
Do you know why we have this instinct?
Maybe because we’re used to it. We’re used to constant off-topic topics, and that’s why.
Were you confused when you saw who created this topic? I cringed while writing the title, I have to admit. I don’t usually write like that.
I’m not going to single anyone out, but before you even looked at who read this, did you assume someone made the topic that wasn’t me? We’re used to having the same people make these. But what if they change? What if one day I turn into a, “Ohhhhh, lol duh bruhhhh like what even, man, lol” person, and someone who types like that turns into a, “NICE NICE NICE! :D” person?
That’s why we can’t assume anyone is anyone.
This is the internet. Don’t assume you know how someone is.
How do you know someone isn’t having a bad day?
How do you know someone didn’t hit their head on a banana and that’s why they’re typing wrong?
You don’t.
You can’t assume by the way someone types that it’s that person. What if one day someone who usually types like me breaks one of their fingers, and it hurts when they type, so they start typing lke thsi, and it get rlly annoying?

Look at the post, not the one who posted it ;D

Ummmmmmmm ok?

Um why did you create this topic....?


Sorry hehe :flushed:


You don't usually make topics like this. What's up?


Read this. :D
Also a forum instinct is to label people.
For instance, I don't usually make topics like this, you're right. :D


Well i mean you didn't add "in code" originally which led me to think it was a random spam topic. But do we really need topics to test "forum instinct?"


Honestly, this was kinda a waste of a topic. Can you recycle this pls?


hold up, I'm writing a little speech thingy




Oh cool


Is this non-spammy enough? Is it speech-y enough? :D


Sorry I have to go I'll talk in a bit :wink:


reviving! :D


hi i am bored like really


Nope, it isn't


I used to be a waste topic, then @snoopy edited in stuff.


I made a topic like this but yea good point


this had happened to me one time.


I think the fact that THT doesn't want spammy topics on the Forum is a very strict rule. I think that the rule should be taken even more seriously because there are still some off- topic topics. Everything discussed on the Forum should be related to Hopscotch and a lot of us forget that rule. Even I do from time to time.

I did assume someone else wrote this at first because looking st your other posts, your grammar is way better than the title. Sure, maybe you can't assume someone is someone else just because of how they type because it's the internet. It's like how if your friends talk in a different accent then the did yesterday, you think something's off.


You really made me understand from doing this. That's really brave and lovely of you.

And you're right, it is really easy to quickly jump in and start saying "this is really off topic" before listening to what people have to say about how things are... You doing this made me see that. It is easy to become frustrated and people's words might come off a little differently to what they would like them to – like you say, sometimes people might be having a bad day. I admit that yep I was confused when I saw it was you who had made this.

You made a really great point, made me see something I didn't realise I was doing


Thanks! :D
That means a lot coming from someone as amazing as you!