My mom sent you an email of me being hacked



@liza @asha @ian @alish @kiwicute2016 @buildasnowman my mom has sent Liza a message because someone has tried to reset my password 7 times in the last couple of hours. Please respond.


That's horrible!


I don't really think @Kiwicute2016 or @BuildASnowman can help

But I cri for you


Kiwi cute visits THT and video chats with them all the time. Don't worry.



I don't think they can do anything other than annoy you, but I hope the problem is resolved soon.


My mom gets all the emails and I'm not resetting my password even if my life counted on it because they'll hack meh.


That happened to me :flushed: They can't decide your password anyway, so don't worry even if they send an email. Make sure yours is hard though!!! Looks like someone is kind of onto you :confused:


Don't worry! As long as they can't get into your account, you're safe!


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How do they know your email? Plus make sure your password is HARD


Like I said ignore it they just want to hack you! It's safe as far as I know!


They just want to hack into you. Don't worry, they're not going to get in. :wink:


Use this website to figure out if your password is strong enough!


I'm can't tell mine, but it is very hard! Hint: 10 letters*!

just kidding! I'm not sure haw many it is!*






Sweet. :sunglasses:


Meh good enough


the 2 passwords i use.. pretty good.


3 passwords- not too shabby: