My message on printer will not appear (resolved)



On my printer project, when I try to get a message to print, it will be visible for a second then disappear. This only happens sometimes here is a link


I fixed it!


I think I fixed it. I have a question though: why are these events necessary? I removed them, but im still not 100% sure that it’s fixed.


I just got frustrated, so I thought those would make it stop


What were you trying to stop? The message appearing on top of the printer?


Thank you for your help. It now works
@TheDeliciousOrange @Petrichor


Yeah, I was trying to make it stop


Add a send to back block in the when game starts of the message.


I’m happy that this is solved now. Tell us if you need any more help! And, by the way, cool project! :slight_smile:


Here is the link to the final product. Again, thxs for all the help