My Math Tutor project



Guys, I made this project called my math tutor that will help kids learn basic math skills. I'm Friendship Studios on hopscotch so you should check it out


Why am I notified about this?


You're cool so I wanted to know if you liked it, so I could get someone's opinion


Awww thanks! I will be very sure to check this out right now! I bet it will be awesome!


If you have any younger siblings old cousins maybe you could show it to them?


I can't until you do something with this project. I already know multiplication, all kinds of strategies and such because I'm in fourth grade. I think this perfectly explains multiplication, but its really hard for even ME to read the text before it changes. The way to fix this is instead of this code:

You should probably put this code:

That all I have to say. :wink: нανє α ωσи∂єяfυℓ ∂αу αи∂ кєєρ ¢σ∂ιиg!


I'm in fourth grade and I'm not changing the project because I'm just learning how to code


Well, just keep that in mind! It's always good to know your mistakes for the future!