My Math General Topic



I meant "so" lol. I'm typing too fast :sweat_smile:




your friend is stalking your conversation
oh wow ok then


I just searched up 'fidget cube' and that's what came up XD


This is like yer this is how you get rid of this rule


there's this fake Fidget Spinner website in the U.K.
people get spammed
like per say dantdm k


We're not even talking about math anymore. Let's talk about circumference. I don't know...

Click for cheesy math joke

Who built King Arthur's round table? Sir Cumference!


Ha ha ha ha ha huh?


wait he's not a woodworker
how could he do that
he don't got skiilz


Idk. They said that on the broadcast for my school. -_-

Hahahahahahahaha. Baboom ching




Lol, I didn't make the joke XD

but it's a round table- circumference of a circle- get it? It's a bad joke, I know.


that joke doesn't even make sense
tell the office


now that is a great oxymoron
or is it


you kind of need to know what the Round Table is

And cirumference

You need background knowledge for jokes in general :P

The office didn't make the joke


i get the math part but


I gtg in 3 min k
ask me to type normally


Type normally!
Out of likes...


I've heard the first one, but not the second one.
Haha lol
I have to get to band in one minute k


I'll see you guys in an hour if you're still here