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Fidget spinners are banned at my school, yup. They used to be cool but now they are super annoying and teachers have to take them away


Oh! I didn't learn rotations until 8th grade, lol. They didn't teach it to us for whatever reason.. :expressionless:


Our middle school banned fidget spinners, fidget cubes, for 1 week phones, bottle flipping, talking, having fun, et cetera


Same with Kendamas and yo-yos :sweat_smile:
And bottle flipping


oh wow you learn that in early 7th grade k


wait they bring those
oh wow ok then


We just started it last week :|

I'm in sixth grade, that's weird. But the standard is probably different wherever you are. :P


Is that all you say
3.1415 I forget


Kendamas? Woah :o

No one brings those to my school, I've never actually seen one. But they are starting to ban fidget cubes as well....


What's a fidget Cube??
We need to get gyroscopes popular
Ok just saw


we don't bring those
but they are better than those simple spinners


Our teacher took a fidget spinner from a student and made him calculate the area
He isn't so smart so it took him 15 min.
After that, the teacher threw it in the trash


Lol, isn't that child abuse??


Looks a bit like this:

People are bringing them and clicking them too much ._.


Someones finger is hurting from overclicking


So it's a die, that does a ton of things?.. cool!


send to the er k


Yeah, you can click it, spin it, squeeze it, and it's supposed to relieve stress. However, not really at my school, it just gets super annoying!


It's fake according to Jackson
He judges every fidget cube telling you if it is real or fake


Did you mean: Dude?