My Math General Topic



Hi, this is my topic i guess where I talk about math
Hi ya'll

Math Tag List


Add yourself in! :grinning:


First, oh yeah!

Nice idea!


Cool :D

Math is fun!

We're learning about geometry in math right now.


Ok, so I didn't want to clog up your tag list lol
PEMDAS is the only whatever it is called i remember


I am doing point slope
It so easy


You made this while I was in math but I am already a math wiz
1 + 1 = illuminate


We could talk about math on the Numberphile Topic as well




I think the Numberphile Topic will be my math General then


Oh :P

We're doing transformations right now, it's not very hard, to be honest. We just started rotations.


Ooh! That's really fun!
(Are you doing 90°, 180°, and 270° rotations? More precise rotations use Sin/Cos/Tan. It's really cool!)


Got to learn how to type better
Gotta be like this guy


You should consider watching UnderagedCoder1's profile GIF for the whole math class period then
It will help
And it will help a lot k


U are beeeiing hypnotizzled


no not really sorry k


Yep! Not 270° though, it's not in the Seventh grade math standard for Virginia. -_- (I take Math 7 for sixth grade)

It's basically just a counterclockwise 90° rotation though (depending on which direction you are rotating a figure).

We haven't learned Sine/Cosine/Tangent in sixth grade, I think that's in ninth grade math :P



I can't bring my iPad though, we have to take notes. On paper. :D


I love you Kermit
Kermit the :frog:


Just draw four circles on paper and spin them using a Fidget Spinner
Or maybe Fidget Spinners are banned
oh wow ok then


So there is this article, it is pretty legit and u are like.... huh
0.9 repeating = 1