My main Hopscotch account got deleted


My hopscotch account got deleted because of technical issues, is there any way that you can transfer my followers to my new account, I don't want to lose a year of progress.


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Unfortunately you can not. This happened to me too. But all you have to do is forget about it and start a new better account


Hey @DuckmanTerry!

I've got some great news for you! In about a week or two, the next update which lets you log in and out will be available on the app store. After you download it, you'll be able to log back into your old account!

If you don't remember your log-in details, just email us and we'll get it sorted out!

Other account lost help

Um, my account had the update before we were able to create the passwords, the sine and cosine one.


Hey @DuckmanTerry! Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. The log-out update hasn't been released yet. Can you email us at


On my main account, the one which got deleted, I did not have the log in update.


We should still be able to get you logged in by giving that old account a password and email. Just email us when you have the new update :grinning:




Gosh, I feel so much better! Thank you!


I am so EXCITED! My old account will be back! Yay! I have been missing @bubblyoreo (my old account) and now... I AM GOING CRAZY!


I am excited too! I can get back to my old account!


Hi @ian could you switch me from bear on this account.... Bubbly oreo❁