My lovely thoughts on the update 2



Hey guys and girls! Welcome to my post, nice to see ya!:blush:

So most of you have seen my post, My lovely thoughts on the update, and this is my second one.

So if you don't know what to do on here, this is a post where you guys share your feelings about Hopscotch's newest features, and relate them to how I feel about them.

anyways, I will start...

So, I love the new update, it is a great idea that adds a new aspect to coding. The one thing I didn't like was that you need to subscribe to Hopscotch in order to get some of the challenges. What do you think? Share your comment below.



I think it's great.



It just gets an eh for me.


I made this a topic, it was one of the most trending.


@Strongerthanyou, This topic I made is related to a past topic I made. I had no intentions on making this related to yours. If this bothers you, I can change this to make it a little different...


I think it's great, except for the editor. Also, thumbnails are no longer appearing.