My lovely thoughts about the update



Hey guys, I know that the new update hopscotch has came up with is for them to get money, because they need it, but a monthly payment doesn't seem right.

Share your ideas about this update...I would love to hear what you guys have to say...



Can you please change the title? Its a bit rude.


I completely agree with everything you said!


A full version would get them more money. I also think they should bring back the paid characters.


It would get them more money in the short term. But in the long term, it wouldn't work out. They would end up needing more money. Subscriptions are necessary.


Do other apps normally require subscriptions? What about new users?


No, because those apps have their funding. HS doesn't. You have no argument.
EDIT : Also, I believe most other educational apps are either A : Funded by government or another organization. B : Part time jobs.


I also want in-app purchases, like a pay-per-feature system and paid characters (which I bought one of).


That's a lot less reliable though. Some people would be fine without some of those features


I have a long list of ways for them to make money!


To be honest, you kinda are trying to start a flame war, people have opinions, and for you to argue a point then get mad if someone else says something about it is the real selfish thing to do. This is just my opinion, if you don't like it, then that's fine, but you don't need to hurt others feelings for having an opinion.


Yep! As I've said, we priced Hopscotch about the same as Club Penguin and Tynker (which is $9/month).


If you want to get more users, you should reduce the price.


A one-time fee is not a stable salary. This is perfectly fair. You pay, and you get something in exchange. :D


They did say that only monthly payments could keep the servers running, and one time payments, donations, and ads wouldn't do


About putting stuff on featured, they are promoting it.

You may also have seen the pokemon project.


I agree with you tho


And don't forget the forum alone is $100 a month.

How will they pay all this?

I don't even know. They either need more subscribers or less rps clogging up the server storage, or charge even more money.

If you leave then you will never see the features added that will make the subscription worth it :s


Dude he has a point, if you have a problem, leave the page please


It's a balance there will be a few dedicated users who will want it. That's how they get lots of money :s

@Liza I think I will get the subscription when it adds importing music :s