My Logo Template!



Hey Guys! I just created an awesome logo template! It's really easy to use, and is free to remix with your one of a kind logo! Hope you guys enjoy it! Link

  • This is Awesome! :imp:
  • I hate it! :grinning:
  • Potato says meh.



Hey, @UptownStudios! I saw your logo template and I just wanna say that I found something wrong. When I put my name in the "Change This Text!" block, it will duplicate my name first but -NAME- afterwards! I suggest putting a "Change This Text!" block before changing the color at the rule when the character is cloned.


That is super cool! It is sort of easy code so people can change it easily! Great job! :smiley::thumbsup:


@kenlauescuadro I noticed that :wink: If you want it to work correctly change the text itself to your name also :wink: (PS I love your logo!)


I noticed that it is hard to understand, and therefore, you should make instructions (in the code) that

When the play button is tapped

Set invisibility percent: 100


How is it hard to understand? It literally says exactly what to do in the abilities.


Well, it is slightly hard to understand. Look-into-the-code-and-make-your-own-creation games are always kind of hard to understand,unless you're an expert coder. But other than that, it is amazing!


Ok, I see what you mean. I too had some trouble with projects like @SmilingSnowflakes's Model Template when I first started.


Yeah, does make sense, her model template is partially hard to use.