My Little Pony Collab (Accepting Coders, Alpha/Beta Testers, & More!)




You heard it. Big collab. Accepting advertisers, beta testers, coders, and more. We will only accept a few. Be one, and you get your name in the credits.

DO NOT edit this unless you are me, tankt2016. @RAINBOOM, there was only one music spot and it was supposed to be that way. Hit that button one more time and you have no access to this collab!


Alpha Testers

  1. @Rainboom

  2. 3.

Beta Testers

  1. @Sweetlina

Game Coders

Makes the game
1. @EggsOnSaturn1
2. @GiraffeProductions

Music Coder

Makes the music
1. @Giraffedolphin26

Pony Coders

Makes the ponies
1. @DreamyLemon
2. @Niftynia75

Building Coders

Makes the buildings


  1. @Deadfr
  2. @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf
  3. @Destined_Taco1

All members:

What We're Making

My Little Pony games
Where you build your own Equestria, host/come to parties, and participate in quests, events, and mini games at Canterlot High.
Based on the one from the App Store.
All participants must get the apps shown. They must know about the apps.

Thanks for making it global edit @Anonymous! They should really take out the edit-button-going-away feature…

Why can't I edit my old topic?

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Do you need any to code music? If yes, I can do that, because I'm trying to practice my music coding :slight_smile: If not, can I be a beta tester, please?


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Sure, we need music! The MLP theme song.


You know the one where you create your own Equestria? We're making it like that.


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Can I be a Beta tester? :slight_smile:


can I be a beta tester!


@CosineStudios, @Deadfr, you know about My Little Pony, right? Because you'd better know about MLP, or sorry, you can't be it.


yeah I know MLP who does not! my cousin forces me to play it with her!!! ughhh


Ok then, I'll be the music coder!


I've watched the show.


Oh, okay, then sorry, you can't be it, beta testers even have to know about the show.


You're in, @Deadfr, and @Giraffedolphin26, you're in.


I have watched the show.


wait can I be actuallt advertiser?


May I be Beta Tester and Building coder please?


@Deadfr: An advertiser instead of a beta tester?
@DreamyLemon: Do you know about My Little Pony? Otherwise you won't know what the stuff you're coding should look like. Oh, and building coder and beta tester? You can only have one job. Looks like beta tester spots are taken.
@CosineStudios: Okay, you're in. Beta tester, right?