My life on Hopscotch! btw, Happy Birthday hopscotch!



Hi guys!
_Since today is Hopscotch's

fourth anniversary

( isn't it? Or am completely wrong? )
So I made a project about it. The H logo is not made by me jsyk.

How was your hop life like?


I started a long time ago And I was really badXD


I did what you did. Downloaded it, deleted it, downloaded it again, learned, and now, love it.


Well mine was cool and weird
Well I did join a year ago now!
And I got my first featured a long time ago
And famous hops followed and liked my projects
I never got followed or like by tht
And umm idk
Oh and I haven't been on hs in like over 30 weeks lol XD!!


Btw thx for teh invite!


Eh. Joined in 2014. Was 10. Learned how to use values and check once if. No idea how I learned from 0s and 100s but I did. Probably the word percent in Pithecanthropus set invisibly block.


I have no idea what you said about 0 and 100. XD. But that is a very long time!


Hehe. This might explain it.


Joined in beta in 2012 (something like that) with my school. We made the gorilla move in a triangle and square. I did more work on hopscotch during beta. Then it got deleted of our iPads. I'm fourth grade it was on our school ipads again and I joined. I became an artist and got pretty popular with over 600 followers and 60 likes per project. Quit because I was addicted and dragon queen was dramatic and I hated people saying they had diseases when they really didn't after Lotsapizza and Choco announced their situations and I announced mine (Sudden Cardiac Arrest, yes it can be diagnosed before it happens I tested positive. It means my heart can stop working at any moment and I'll drop dead.) And I'm happy I quit. I've moved on and got a lot of things done I wouldn't have, like one a nation wide writing award, another nation wide writing contest which gave me the title of best sixth grade writer, and I got a onetime starring role in a tv show :slight_smile: So life's going pretty good.


Woah! *mouth hangs open the whole time while reading the message and for more 10 minutes * Own TV show????!!!!!!!! Best writer award!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg! You sure have a fantastic, spectacular, wonderful, enchanting, magnificent, beautiful, the best life ever ever! You rock!


Haha well my life probably sounds good no paper but there's have been some basd stuff too, I've just learned to move on. My grandpa died, and my aunt found out she has cancer :cry: And the tv role was the first job I've booked in over six months so it was lots of hard work that earned me that.


i am sorry. How old are you?


Why, lol.


So sudden cardiac arrest is exactly what the words describe. That's bad.


Mhm, ya it's scary but I've learned to live with it.