My Leave A Trail Art!


Most credit goes to @SmilingSnowflakes for leaves, the lemon, AND AWESOME INSPIRATION! Here it is-
Fruits and their jam sandwiches! How good am I at leave a trail art (I want to get better, poll) 10 best 1 worst.

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That is sooooo cool!!!! A :heart: for you!


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Thank you @Phase_Admin and @Intellection74 for saying that!


Your awesome at it!! Don't listen to that troll who voted 1 :unamused:


Ya! Thanks @DancingLollipop, and I don't care about the votes at all, if I do my vote my game polls and someone votes one, it doesn't effect me :wink:


That is amazing! :D

Off topic but I got my likes back! :smile:


Good for you lol! @DancingLollipop


These are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like that project 1000 times if I could!


Thank you! @SmilingSnowflakes your so good at it!! I look at your profile and I'm like, HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO ALL THIS! Lol! (To everyone your games/stuff is awesome too :wink: )


Thank you! That's so nice :smiley: @codingCupcake123


Thank you! :D
You are awesome.


Yay! Your welcome! And thank you :smiley: @SmilingSnowflakes


Are you smishsmash on Hopscotch? I want to go like this!


That was my old username, now I'm Crazy_cake
If you want to search me up! Thank you! :slightly_smiling:


Thanks! I think I follow you. Oh no! :frowning: I don't have my Ipad available. I will like it tomorrow!


It's fine! You can like it tomorrow if you want :smiley:


It's awesome! I love it! I would shorten the dark green section on the leaf so it doesn't go onto the fruit!


Thank you for the advice @Kiwicute2016!!!