My last topic. Bye



Bye. This is my last topic. I've taken myself off the omtl. Please don't tag or invite me unless nessasary. I still need quote/advice for my project, so please add one. I'll only come on here to check on that topic and nominate for featured. @Kitkat26 can you take over the hopscotch newsletter? I'll put it on global edit. If not can you hand it over to someone else? Thank you everyone, I've loved my time here. Bye.

Non-related question:
So if someone on hopscotch says, go follow me on Instagram, and here's my account, is that bad? Should I report it?






Bai senpai....
Sorry, I can't like you, I'm out of likes...



Bye ;-;

And yes you should.


This is horrible! Can you stay?


But-but-but. Ok. I really don't want you to leave but bye :cry:


K bye


Definitely. Sad to see you go. Have a good life!!


Bai ;-;

We'll all miss you D:



Goodbye @TheGreenBanana!!!!


Bai banana!




Yes you should report it.


Oh report i thought u meant leave!


NO! No! No! No!

I don't want people to leave :wink: