My last post until August?


Hello kittens, unfortunately, summer has come faster than I can I can drink a dish of milk, and on Friday, @TheBlueWombat81 and I will be getting rid of our school iPads (what we use for Hopschotch) so, this will be my final post until August (when school starts back up) so, I guess it's the end until then. You guys have really been such a great part of my life, and meeting new hopscotchers like you is the best gift ever, top featured for Mars or not. It's been a amazing year at school, @TheBlueWombat81 and I got interviewed by Apple, and are famous in the school district @Liza . I really hope that you guys enjoyed the year just as much as me. Let's hope that the second golden kitten next year will be one of you :wink:

But games aside, I really have enjoyed the hopscotch experience and will never forget it over the summer. Heck, maybe I will bring more skill back with me than I started with coding. I just want to thank @everyone for such a amazing year.

So long.


P.S. See you August!


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They need to stop doing that, schools :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


:blush: thanks so much for the like


IKR it's really ■■■■


But if the schools don't take it away then the students would actually own the iPad.

And don't use the :rage: emoji because people usually get flagged for it.


D U M B I guess is a bad word lol


We will miss u :frowning: :frowning:


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Thanks, I will be back in August though


we will miss you <3 see u in august <3


But this is the perfect time for it, I'm not getting mad at him.





We'll miss you and @TheBlueWombat81! ;-;

See you in August! :D


@MrHotdog64, @CrookedCat6519, this is why they take it away. Another reason is to clear the data.


Thanks @SmilingSnowflakes and @Candycane and the rest of you guys!!! You all are so awesome


Thank you! that means alot


Yea, that's why we need an android version.


Me too, I'm with crooked cat.
My iPads getting taken away. I ink I can still go on the forums though


Exactly I agree so much with that


Android revolutionary war