My last day on Hopscotch!


Hey guys,
Right now I don't think I can handle Hopscotch anymore. I'm gonna be honest and just say it! I've had way to much hate for one month. So I'm quitting Hopscotch. I'm really sorry that it has to be this way but I can't even handle it anymore! Sorry.....


I'm sorry to hear that... I'll miss you, bye!! :)


Sad to hear that since you only just got on the forum :slight_frown:



It's ok, but really if u do suit hopscotch, please be active on the forums too, u could become a leader one day
Also I love ur are its very inspiring​:wink:
I hope u still will code beyond hopscotch and learn new coding languages like Lua or Python or even JavaScript or scratch


Random song that is inspiring to me for some weird reason (le XD)
It's here:


Don't worry, hate doesn't last for long! :smile:

If you believe it'll go away, it will! Sometimes it's just what you feel that changes a whole situation. c:

I get it! I haven't been liked as much by many people (and still haven't XD).

But, please, don't leave forever! ;n;

Just take a smol break! I know that it gets your mind off of things and helps your mood. :D

Don't quit, and don't give up! :3


You are not! At least not in this community :sunglasses:


On Hopscotch I am. XD

But the people on this forum are probably the best people in the world :DD

I don't let hate bother me! XD

Because, as you can see, I'm still here and very happy :DD


Since when??????

And besides look in my bio for my view on using the word "hate" :wink: I sincerely doubt they could actually "hate" you


Since last month :disappointed:

Enough about me, though :DD


Gimme names

Not necessarily on this topic


Nuu ;-;

There's always a little rain before a rainbow!

Pls don't leave! Many others want you to stay!

Becuase your an amazing, kind, friendly hop who doesn't deserve hate!



What Smishy said!


You will be missed by many...


Well hopefully you come back, however if you don't, it's okay! Btw but if you have hate tell a trusted person about it. It can make you feel better.


Well you can't stop him/her...


You will be remembered as a great artist and a great coder. Try out python if ya have the time. But maybe you could stay on the forums?



Pls stay on hopscotch forum!


I see those likes :stuck_out_tongue:


I will miss you! You are amazing!