My iPad is a troll?



So, I am pretty mad today. I created two projects. One was a remix of Beethoven's sonata, and the other one was a project I've been working on for a week. When I open it, it loads for a while, and when it finally opens everything is blank. Yup, every little morsel of text and code.

I'm scared to open my other projects now... What is this bug? @liza

The work I've been doing has been deleted. A whole weeks worth, down the toilet.



Restarted Hopscotch? Restarted iPad? Remembered the code?

And coincidently one of Beethoven's pieces played...


No... My drafts load then everything is blank when I enter

Other times, the project just disappears from my drafts.


The text is gone? I've only ever had all the code go missing on a project in one of my new accounts.


Omg! Now I'm afraid of opening my projects and have everything gone! :cold_sweat: @admins




It happens to me regularly! NEVER press the exit button! ALWAYS restart the app!


Mabbey try hitting the cloud in the top corner if you have it!


unplug it and plug it back in, shake it, blow in the cartridge, reset the wifi, kick it a few times, then wrap it in duct tape, if that doesn't work... then ask anybody but me about this kind of thing, it isn't hardware, but it's waaaaay to advances of software for me to understand, I'll start learning objective c probably right after it stops being used, ever.


Figured this lol
Look at the code red topic xP


AHHH. I was just looking at this topic!


Why am I reviving this against my will?????????


Because why not


The same thing happened to meh, (after this topic though) and @liza got the important stuffs back