My iPad Ain't Turning On ;-; [FIGURED IT OUT]


Hi! So this is kind of hopscotch related. If ur against me don't read on XD

So, basically my iPad was at three percent and I wanted to charge it. I went to mai sissy's charger to charge it. As soon as that happened, I turned off my device.

I went to another room to use my iPad again, but it wouldn't turn on. D:

I pressed the off/on button for 'bout a million years XD
And I even charged it with a different charger. Still not working.

So what I'm saying is my iPad just won't turn on ;-;

You might see some bad quality projects if it doesn't turn on soon because all my drafts are with the new update and on my school iPad there is no update ;n;

Ye. And U will be less active in the forum because I'm on my moms phone rn and she almost leaving to go pick up mai sissy.

Anyone know how to fix this problem??


Mabye you could leave for a few hours and it would go back normal something similar happened to me.


Email Apple Or Go To Their Website, There May Be A Solution There :wink:


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Keep it plugged in for at least 15 minutes.


What version iPad do you have?

or just use a different charger


Go to an Apple Store and have them check your battery, I actully might have to get a ne wiped battery soon, it's like 3 years old,
But DO NOT try replacing the battery your self, people have died doing that!

Or start punching the screen, that how I fixed mine!:smiley: (Jk don't actully punch it, but I did fix mine by punching it)


What everyone says:

You go to the Apple Store.


But what if the Apple Store isn't close to where you live and you know your parents won't driving you there immediately?



I don't really know :joy:


Hold your hom button and your other iPad button you know xD

For 15 seconds

A Apple logo should pop up