My inactivity over the next few months!


Hi everyone who is reading this ! As you know , I gave my eleven plus coming up which is a big exam which I need to take in January . I am under a lot of pressure at the moment and I am a little stressed !

I will not be that active for the next four months , due to the amount if work I need to do ! I will be most active on Sundays as that is the day I have to do no work ! On the other days , I will have at least an hour and a half of homework everyday and maximum four hours !

@Kiwicute2016 , @BuildASnowman , @PopTart0219 and @system , please can you lock me on the trust level I am on at the end of August till the beginning of Janurary 2017 ! I will be a little active though !

I hope you understand


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Please like the post above if you understand !


I'm sad to see you go but good luck on those exams​:blush:


Thanks ! I will be a little active but after that , I will be more active than ever !


What do you mean ? I do not understand !


Don't worry about it

I can be very confusing


You can't loose member so don't worry about locking it.


I may get regular in the next few days , though ! Who knows ?


I understand! I hope you will visit here a little. Good luck with school and the exams!


Thanks a lot ! I hate these exams !


Good luck!!
I did it, it's not too hard, so long as you study hard :smiley:
Good luck!!!


You also can't lose Regular for the first 2 weeks.


Good luck!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:


Aw man... I'm sad that you are going, but good lunch on the exams! I hope you ace them!


Thank you , @kvj and @EP125 ! I hope I do well as well ! I hate these exams and I am about to do a part exam paper as practise ! See you in about 40 mins !


Or 20 :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay! I really hope you do well!


Ok, I understand! Good luck!


I am going to start this tomorrow .........


This starts now ! Bye everyone ! I will see you soon !