My i pad keeps crashing


It lets me play for a while then :boom:
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ it crashes.
My iPad has alot of open gigabytes and most of the time it's just for an email, but also for particular reason... I need help!


Is it an iPad 2? If so then Hopscotch may be too much for it when you're playing large projects.


Yes it could be that, @BlueOrangeFangio , but there is actually a bug causing the app to crash.


My iPad crashes too and I don't have a lot of apps(compared to my friends)


I have an under a year old iPad air and every so often my iPad goes all weird there's a short crash then it goes to my iPad home screen (it only happens on certain things)


Maybe try restart/ reset your iPad here's how to do that press one finger down on the off button and press one finger down on the home button at the same time now keep it like that for 10 sec. After 10 sec you see a black screen then put your pressed fingers back on the home button and off button and once you have after a little while you will see a black screen with a white apple symbol. If you wait a little your lock screen will come back on, and your done! I'm not sure if this is the solution, so maybe learn more about what's going on with the app crash before you try this!


You can try and double tap the Home Button to open the Multi-Tasking Bar. Swipe up any other apps that appear there so they disappear.

When you press the Home Button normally, it just exits the app, not fully closes it. Your app might be crashing because all of your apps were still open and your iPad crashed trying to run all of them at the same time.

That's my idea, anyways. Hope it helped!


That's a good idea @CreativeCoder


Anonymous?! faints