My HS Youtube (You can request a project showcase if you want)


I made a youtube channel that is gonna have HS videos and random stuff that I feel like putting there.
ze link:

Anyway, if you want me to make a project showcase of your project, just give me the link and your HS username. I'll try and get it done.

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hi @KVJ


hi @TDIRMootato :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I think you should showcase one of the Game Changers and make an analysis of their code too!
You should disable comments so people won't use your videos as a means of communication!


Cool idea, I'll try that.

I would rather not disable comments, mainly because I like being able to get feedback and suggestions on the videos. And if I make a tutorial, people can ask questions about it if I wasn't clear or they were having problems.


Have it so you can at least control comments that other people see