My Hopscotch YouTube!


I made a YouTube account!! It's called Code Perfect I have posted one video!! Tell me your account and I will look at it!!


Nice! :smiley:

I have one! It's called "Rawrbear"! :slight_smile:


Okay I will comment on one of your vids and subscribe!! Wanna sub to me??


Sure, why not? :D


Okay I commented!! And subbed!!


Cool! I subbed too :slight_smile:


Awesome!! Thanks for liking it too!!


Yeah! :slight_smile:

Have a like! :heart:


I have one, it's ButterBark93!! I will sub to you guys!!


My YT (which also has other stuff) is MobCraft, but I'll make a new one called MobScotch


Awesome! Although I don't have an account myself, I'll definitely check it out!

My friends and I want to make a huge channel with gaming, challenges, fails, sports(aka arguments between me and my neighbors), and other fun stuff. I definitely will include Hopscotch in mine! :D

Good luck with the channel! :D



I recommend you post ya'all channels here


You have 310 subscribers?! :0 Woah.


how do you record your screen?


I don't have an YouTube account YET. But if I do, I'll probably include mai voice in mai vids.


I dunno. ( ̄◇ ̄; )
And hai Foody!


hi, my dad is managing mine



@CodePerfect my YouTube channel is called FoodDelivery Hopscotch

My first video is here


is my profile picture on youtube still an eye with headphones or a pizza emoji?