My Hopscotch Youtube! (TRB)



So here's my Hopscotch YouTube! Gonna make a video soon, so subscribe to stay tuned! If you reveal your subscription publicly I can see it and I will subscribe to you back!


No, nobody? Do I really have to use the OMTL?


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Cool! Unfortunately I can't subscribe as I dont have a YouTube account :tired_face:
I'm looking forward to your new videos!


I should use my voice in videos.

  • No
  • Yes


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Why @Fooddelivery? Tell me a reason why you wanna hear my voice.

  1. It'll be easier to communicate

  2. Easier to understand

  3. You decided to make this poll with two options so I picked one.


This is amazing great job


Sweet. I'll subscribe if I haven't already.


Idk. It's your videos, it's up to you.