My Hopscotch Website



updated again
@TheCMStudios @TheAmazingJello @cheeseperson


It great!


Just changed it.


let me ask you this
does it cost money to use all features of html?


What do you mean? You can use any HTML on any website, but it is the domain that costs money lots of the time


Not unless you use a raspberry pi3 as a web server
I have a raspberry pi zero yaya


site updated link @ post 1


Unrelated please don’t post that here


Really sorry, I was thinking, I won’t do it again. Please don’t flag it, I PROMISE I will never do anything like it again.



A new game about to be put on the website (Sped up) @pomtl


@Ana please remove from filter?


Can’t wait to check it out! Right now, I’m on a trip so I can’t access HS right now.


Awesome game! I really enjoyed to play it.


alternatively just use a desktop, if you already have one and your site needs minimal resources


Site updated with new years countdown and penguin slides


bam youtube channel:


I am not going to reveal anything by writing this post, but good video!


Yeah it took me a while


:clap: :clap: MEME REVIEW


Hey I’m actually in fact working on Pewdiepie vs T-series trailart