My Hopscotch website



Lol he barely tags omtl


Why don’t you just leave the omtl?
You say that on half the topics omtl is tagged on


Not on half the topics😂
But some people don’t like getting tagged if they’re not interested
So maybe make a tag list?


You realize that you can mute topics right?


Let’s not start an argument


Not trying to


A L L.

Jk I was exaggerating


Oh, never mind about the web page.



CLICK HERE For my website


The site has been updated.
sorry aariv @omtl
High Score Rankings for my games can be found, as well as a page featuring various YouTube channels. Want your own page? Fill the form on the hompeage!


Can you use POMTL instead?


I mean… it’s not related to an HS project, but I guess so


K, thank you :D


You can also mute the topic if you are not interested


Cool update! I watched DotCopple’s YouTube channel a few years ago. I don’t know if it is updated, but it has some good videos, I think.


Can you remove “tagica” and “googlesites” from the tags and change the topic name to “My Hopscotch Website”? Me no regular :(
With a capital W and no nhs tag @Petrichor


Everyone should check out the updated site - I just did and will continue to add pages for whatever anyone wants, and Coding Challenges may also have info there in the future.

If you are not interested, you can mute the topic… some of you may have not found interest before because the title used to be “Creating your own website” - it’s really just a place where I talk about my site


Seems cool! I wish I had a computer… then I could do it!


For the Hall of Fame Page on my website, reply here if you have suggestions for games you’d like to see there
Btw site updated