My Hopscotch website



Interesting suggestion. Unfortunately the “free domain” is just for domains with the TLD of .tk, which is for Tokelau, so I’m not sure it’s gonna rank properly on search engines (Google) or if people’s going to remember it.


I want to expand the site, so now anybody can have their own page. To register for a page, visit the site and go to the page application form. It would be cool to have an unofficial site where we show tips and tricks, as well as projects made by everyone.

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You should get @Petrichor to add some coding tutorials!


I submitted an application for a page on Hopscotch History.


Sorry, forgot to ask what the contents of each page should be.
Can you reply it in the form of

App History

Stuff here

Forum History

Stuff here

Famous HS’ers History

Stuff here

Otherwise I don’t know what you’d want me to put on the pages


Okay, I’ll begin in the morning, but it may take a few days, depending on how easy it is to research this…


you should do it on wix.


I should not.


Cool - you can provide the images or have me find those


why not?
they look better than google sites and can provide more


I don’t feel like changing it or creating a Wix account or whatever. Plus, it was just the first thing that came to mind to use Google Sites. And the Wix watermark is very obtrusive

And this:

Wix is literally considered a meme because of the watermark


Wix is way smoother than google sites.
compare this website I made to yours


It doesn’t really matter, does it?

I know wix is more professional than Google Sites, but it’s not really worth it now

Actually, the sad part is that my school orchestra website uses Google Sites :rofl:


Sure, it does look professional, but Google Sites seems to be smoother. Also I suggest you edit out that school name on your website.


Great idea! :slight_smile:


Psst… the meme of the Wix watermark at the top of the page has been spotted


defends wix because smoothness as i self-code websites


@omtl the site has been updated.

  • there is now a hall of fame, thanks XDminusXD for the idea
  • tankt2016 has a page under construction
  • If you want to suggest any changes, you can reply here or take the form on the homepage of the site.


Can you stop tagging the omtl so much?
Why don’t make a tag list for people who actually want to be tagged?


Any updates yet on the pages? @tankt2016