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because i do know that minigames in spanish is minijuegos


Nope. I had to do it myself and copy paste every single one with Google Translate and making sure it doesn’t sound too goofed up…


by machine translated i mean what you did, use google translate


if you’re translating, at least use deepl for french and spanish


Oh I thought you meant some “?” HS feature


It’s start (comienzo) in the project


oh ok sorry haha


But I do see where you got that from


i actually use episode names from O Incrivel Mundo de Gumball in my ROBLOX statuses

lgbot now haha


I actually find more accurate some times while translating English to Swedish or the opposite, so maybe try that website instead?


I might try it, but it takes a while to add a language…
Right now I only have English, Spanish, French, and Chinese
Plus, I usually double check to see if it makes sense in my head


I know. Use whatever translator you want. It’s super easy to translate words or sentences for me as I just have to ask my Google Home Mini to do it.


alexa is bad at it, i ask my google assistant


Yeah, Google Home Mini / Google Assistant is really clever.


yes, its voice is nice

it has a better ai than siri or alexa or cortana imo


Love how this topic turned into “Which translator I should use for Minigames”


It did. Sorry!


It’s ok


Since I publishd the new Minigames, the site has been updated. Also, check the new high scores there.
Link to Site


wow that looks super cool