My Hopscotch Website



So, I used to have some videos, but I took the that down because of a slim back Door that could be used to see my name. However, I found a way to do that on a site, which looks better and avoids the problem.

Link to Site

Any feedback is appreciated, whether it’s in new videos, pages, or games to play from others. Live Minigames progress will also be moved there. @OMTL

Want to create your own? Here are a few steps:

  • Use Google Sites or any other method of creating a site
  • Put whatever you want in the site

(I will add to this later)


i have a better idea

  1. learn html
  2. get a free domain
  3. enjoy


I kinda know html, but I don’t feel like getting a domain. Plus, I can suggest for the site not to show up in Google search results. What I did is just the first thing that came to mind


who cares if random strangers see it… like… they’d prob be searching about the app anyways

#5 has templates for static websites that can be edited with markdown, or HTML. I have two HTML sites (personal, here and here) and one that I made in Markdown for my friend at

It hosts for you.

My code is stored at

links in non shady form:



i’d like to make a website not related to hs but rather just youtube videos and websites that i update weekly


yeah mine arent hs related

dont use wix

anything else is fine


Just a reminder: .tk domains can’t be renewed forever.


When you’ve been there the entire time and no one realises


That site is beautiful woah


The site has been updated.


Got another Minigames screenshot, but you probably won’t understand it @POMTL


迷你旅something it’s minigames


你能说中文吗? lol


I speak a different type.


i can translate it into Brazilian Portuguese


hello? any answers? text to translate?


Minigames = Minijogos
Play = Jogar


Sorry, I’m sticking to English, Spanish, French, and Chinese right now. Maybe in a few weeks with a future version…


is it machine translated?