My Hopscotch Website!



I made a website!

It's a hopscotch website, and I'll update it often.
It's a little dull right now, and I might need some people to decorate or add on to it!
@SmileyAlyssa @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @Gilbert189 @BuildASnowman have permission to edit it! If you would like to (and you are one of those peeps) you may! Just reply and I'll add you on. :slight_smile:


Can I be able to edit it? (I love the site)


I like your website so far! Its pretty good!


It needs a lot of work, I have made 5 websites, so I could get you a theme, and a chat room, and lots more if you would like me to.


All right! I'll take a look tonight... Sorry I'm heading to the pool


I started like 20 minutes ago
I'm in class so I'll do it later


This looks really cool! I'll be visiting this site often!


It is very interesting... But how do you edit?


I'll share it with y later


I call making one! :stuck_out_tongue:




You should add permission to add comments! :D


I'm going to make one too :yum:


-_- ok then


@Kiwicute2016 I'll share it with u


K did it. @kiwicute go to and shared to me


I don't see it... did you type in
its. 2015


Edit: Nevermind.


Image doesn't show up for me


It's a picture of a guy grinning and wagging his finger. The caption says, YOU MAAAAD