My hopscotch account!



Check out my hopscotch account its MelonKindOfGuy :slight_smile:

I haven't published anything but I am working on projects.

Make sure to follow if you like for cool projects!


I'm sure your projects will be awesome! :D

Also, welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, just @ me like this: @Catface4. It will appear like this: @Catface4.


I'll check out your account soon!


Thank you CatFace4 :blush:


I don't have anything published yet.


What does I can't reply mean @Catface4?




You might want to get their attention by tagging them.

Like this:
@Catface4 or @MelonKindOfGuy or basically anyone's name with an @ at the start.

It sends them a notification.

Welcome to the forum! :D


On your first day, you have limited replies.

To talk with forumers and get to know this place despite the limited replies, you can hit the three dots, and you will see the edit button!

EDIT: wait that is something else! XD

Here is a trick:

<type stuff here>

The text will be invisible. I just blocked that from happening with the trick I just showed you, @MelonKindOfGuy.


I am scared

I got a message from "Liza"

Something about ak something

Can I upload pictures.


Awesome! Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me like this-@EP125. Remember to always be nice and talk about Hopscotch!


You can!!! Here is how:



Can't post BC it says 20 something.


I think it is about the community guidelines, everybody gets that message when they start


No it's called askisment

He hid my post.


I don't know then...




Welcome to the forum!

Because you're new, the spam filter Akismet might hide your posts. You didn't do anything wrong.



Why did he hide it?


It's basically a robot. If someone's new, it's to make sure they don't spam bad things.