My Hopscotch account


i may sound like someone begging for likes but im not. projects ive published over 2 months ago have NO likes and no views! only projects ive published like Many many many many many weeks ago r getting likes the last one that got a like was 1 published over 10 weeks ago.


I feel sorry for you what's your username on hopscotch I will like your projects @Kittensrule12


what i want u guys to do is get on hopscotch, look up kittensrule12. my current name is KittensRule12 (on) look at my projects. what project is most recent? comment the name of the project. thats all i want u to do


Welcome to the forum! I don't know why this happens, but you are amazing and I love your projects! :smile:


no u dont have to do that!


I'll ask the girl to like some projects she likes!


and since u want to like my projects my username is "KittensRule12 (on)"


thanks i will follow u is ur hopscotch username the same as ur username on here?


Yep! The same thing. I will like some of yours when I go onto HS. :smile: