My honest opinions


Okay, I have to admit this (PS this is not some kind of cheesy thing):

I'm not a fan of the new forum.
I remember when it was just a place for help...
Now what has it become?
The answer: A social hub.
And there is cheesy positivity (no offense guys).
And there is a lot of wars and stuff.
I'm kinda outgrowing this which kinda makes me notice more of these details.
But still guys...
I felt like quitting after Rawrbear got suspended
I still feel like I should
I have no ideas
The forum is kinda crazy
It's also gonna mess up my social life later on
But I don't know

Now should I leave?

  • Leave
  • U do u
  • Stay


Votes are public.

Finish my unfinished drafts!

I think you should stay, but it's your choice!


im le.aving lol


I'm not looking at the vote
It's just for fun


I agree. :confused:

How many topics these days are actually about coding?


Let's see


Let's tack up a sign that says
"Hopscotch Social Hub"
Because that's basically this forum


love that idea while we are at it lead just make a bunch of people leaders why the heck not


Is the grade that you were in 7th grade
If so we are in the same grade
And we are the same age
So I should follow you and quit


I liked this forum a long time ago
Also you guys will hate me forever but

The only reason I stayed was to become leader
There! Now say all you want


8th grade actuallyyyyyyy


Who doesn't? Really! everyone wants to be leader! But if you want to leave, go ahead.


In that case you are a grade ahead of me???


Yeah. September 24. my parents didn't hold me back


Ok but you're turning 13
Boy you are smart


That would be awesome XD just be like:
Promote, promote promote >:3


@MobCraft i honestly feel the same about the forum


yeah hehe whoops I guess so I mean the only thing I'm good at is science stuff which means to my mom that I am obsessed and that's the only thing I want to do with my life and I go to every science thing.

God I want to do work on DNA. I want to design characters and clothes and stuff. I want to paint. I want to do so much more with my life and people think I'm so obsessed. gosh


Wait you are entering 9th grade as a 13 year-old?
I only skipped one grade


No I'm in 8th grade as a 12yo but my birthday is the 24th so basically 13yo