My #HHC2016 entry!


Actually, it should be called, "Really bad project Gilbert scrapped together in literally an hour!".

Anyway, here it is! I unpublished, I'll publish the final one tomorrow.

Any critiscm or bugs before I publish tomorrow?


First like and reply! The web player isn't working rn so I will have to wait to get on my iPad to play it


Cool game! I ell that the text in the bottom should be placed somewhere more visible, for example on the top of the screen or the side. Other than that it's very cool! I like the idea!


Cool game! Although I didn't really get what you were suppose to do.


no actually it should be called

"Gilberts amazing project for the hopscotch Halloween contest"

I like it! :D


It's really cool, and a great idea! That kind of risk-taking randomized game is both really fun and a neat concept.

Suggestions-wise, I'd either make a skip intro button or a restart button, or possibly both. Otherwise, once you both tap trick, to play again you have to watch the intro again, which would get boring quickly. (Or maybe there is a restart button I just didn't see, in which case, whoops.)


I might take one piece or 5.. Or all of them wink wink :wink:


Since you unpublished, the web player doesnt work. But im sure its great!


I put one in, but I forgot to make it have text. :laughing:


That would explain it. XD


Is there anything I could do to make this game more visually appealing?


Maybe some solid lighting/shading so it looks more detailed but not too different from the surroundings/text?
And some decorations on the table/floor and wall?


Good idea with the decorations one, I'll go that now.

Can you explain what you mean in the first suggestion?


Thicks! :D
Also, like:

And not gradiented!


hahhaha I haven't even started mine


Good luck

It's due Monday


It's pretty good, especially for something you did in so little time!
Suggestion: perhaps add more detail to the trail art, especially the mouth. Other than that, great job!


Yeah, it looks awkward. Do you have an idea on how to fix it?


Maybe make it a little less like this (pointed at the tip):

And a little more like this (curved at the tip):

I don't know if that's really what you're going for in Jack's facial expression, though.

Great project! It's really fun to play.


Like @Intellection74 said, the stuff about the mouth. Here's an example for the code.
Ignore the thumbnail, I didn't adjust it.