My #hhc2016 entry! (Unfinished)



This is my #hhc2016 entry!
It isnt finished but im going to finish it tommorow!!
Any feedback so far?


It says that the "page I was looking for doesn't exist"


Open it in hopscotch!



I'm on the laptop right now


Aye frenspai wanna do a quizizz??


I dont see why not!!


You got one to play?


Can you go to the quizziz topic?
Ill have one there



I suggest you use an emoji for the grass and the sun, it'll make the house match more with its surroundings. :D

I also suggest you use HSBs or an emoji (Any blue one grown by about 3000), it's give they sky more texture and shading. :D

It's awesome!


Thanks! Ill definitely use your feedback!


Any more feedback?