My #HHC2016 entry! (Pokemon, turn based combat)


Not clickbait and here it is!!! My entry for #HHC2016!

Link here


I've tried my hardest to make a turn based combat system, not perfect but enough to be fun, which you need in every game.

It isn't exactly the most challenging, but I can always make some kind of challenge mode later in the future if this can get somewhere.

So here's the objective, try to take down the enemy Pickachu with your array of actual Pokemon moves. Every move has an animation just for it, even the enemy Pikachu has moves, which only have 2 but, can be devastating to your Pokemon.

Stats for each move

(Know that your Pokemon has 300 hp, while the enemy has 280 hp)

Fire Blast-
One of the most versatile moves in the game, it deals mediocre damage, you can usually count in this move for some starting damage or such.

Dragon Rush-
This move has a high risk, high reward terms of damage. If your lucky, you can do a chunk of Pikachu's hp. But if your unlucky, you'll be doing barely any damage, leaving you for an easy attack. I recommend just using this in mid-battle so you might deal some damage.

Shadow Ball-
A move with a set amount of damage that can be rounded into one. It fits in with fire blast and dragon rush, as it's reliable with the damage. However Pikachu could out damage this move so don't spam it. This is a certain finsisher, when Pikachu's at low hp.

Thanks to the great world of Pokemon logic, and irl logic. Flying type moves aren't very effective against electric types. Which means Fly's max damage is only a bit above Shadow Ball, and is the second most lowest damage by chance, below dragon rush's lowest attack. (Which has a high reward) Purely used for memes, but you still might win by spamming, if your lucky.

Extra notice

-The spoopy Charizard Sprite is in the fan game "Pokemon Uranium"
It has custom Pokemon sprites, and this is in one of them.

-I know that these moves really aren't what they are in the game, the typing is right for the moves, but I know they have completely different effects. Fly for example makes you go up in the air, dodging one attack (expections of course)

-I'm sorry for making this "professional review" on my submission, I'm just happy I finished it as this took about 12 days to make. So yeah I'm sorry

-Please tell me some bugs that I didn't know the game had. I know about the custom pallet swaps of the bottom screen color bug, and the enemy moves sticking out on the ending screens. Also I know the moves are a bit dioriented and a bit buggy, but I'm going to keep it this way or find a way to fix it as this is the best I could do with it.

-Have fun!


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That looks so cool and complex! I will check it out later


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Maybe you should add PP to the moves, as I can just spam Shadow Ball and make Pikachu faint easily with it. :P


Yeah I'll add that for an update to the game as I had to cut it short