My happydolphin topic was removed?


Maybe Happy was suspended for having control over like 5 accounts.


Um, no. Galaxy cat was sorta a collab…jess888fan and colorclash were for hacking…


yeah idk why really incase i get hacked?

@SmileyAlyssa ew the cringe
yeah they gave no reason which makes it suspicious


Okay… * deep breath * I think I’m gonna email THT about this.


jess888fan was made by ella or cash as a backup idk and then i got the pass from an edited topic and posted it online (another site) but then after oribi/soapy got on it i changed the pass as i didnt want them on the forum


Okay, before I send this, what do you guys think:
Hi, Hopscotch Team,
We noticed that HappyDolphin was suspended from the forum until December. We completely understand that you like the forum to not have so much drama; however, some people politely ask why HappyDolphin was suspended. If you could either email back or let us know on the forum, it would be greatly appreciated. We understand your policies and realize that they are there to keep the forum running smoothly; we just need some clarification.
Thank you,
A forum and Hopscotch user


I think that’s a really nice email :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, thank you! I kept it…vague…kinda like we all wrote it together.


It needs to be sent.

I’m probably going to send an email myself.


I sent it. In the confirmation email…it literally addressed me as Sophia…I removed myself from the emails when I first joined…


Tbh i have a lot of…issues with her to say the least


then mute me


Still not going to stop us interacting


i love that someone flagged this


who happydolphin ? what happen ?


Well I don’t like how rude people can be when talking about fellow forumers.