My happydolphin topic was removed?


about my happydolphin topic, it was falsely flagged for spam. Why was it removed. Also why did HappyDolphin get suspended?


Bump please help me


idk really either. they gave no reason and they never will because tht wants your money nowadays bc subscriptions

honestly i might end it all soon


it was flagged because it was rude lol

dude next time contact her privately rather then creating an entire topic where people can just jazz hands rant abt happydolphin


honestly bc of all this hate and everything else (hint hint helena marie/alltimesad) i might just die


You would do that because of something that happened on a kids’ coding forum?


there’s other bullying that’s happened lol


Then I would advise you talk to a trusted adult, or even a friend.


my parents just wanna lock me up in a mental hospital and i have no friends




The Hopscotch forum is meant for helping fellow Hopscotchers, we should uplift and help each other wether that be coding, collaborating, etc. We should help spread positivity!


well said my dude


Exactly opposite of what HappyDolphin did to me, the initiator should be flagged, and from what I saw my post did not mean any personal harm to HappyDolphin.


If this is HappyDolphin yeah no reason to suspend you. I mean really it is just a misunderstanding and I just wanted to address those issues. Nothing against you at all.


I understand that completely, but responding to her negativity with more negative comments won’t help the situation. Maybe next time, flag the content and just keep on helping other Hopscotchers! :smile:


My main reason for not just flagging and just leaving is not wanting just false rumors to spread. It’s like those falsely imprisoned prisoners that don’t deserve what’s been given to them. I wanted to do is just make my statement clear and really I mean no harm to HappyDolphin and don’t understand why she got suspended. I count suspensions as a major problem made or continuously doing bad things. HappyDolphin from what I know has not done continuous bad things and really putting up my bad tweets isn’t that big. Makes me a bit angry at THT for putting their own judgement over the community.


yeah and they just want money


i think rodrigo suspended me and deleted the topic


He did. He could’ve really just locked it. Didn’t know a guy with a better knowledge of words can somehow easily invoke deletion of a topic. Before getting a topic deleted was something you could only do if you were actually breaking a lot of the rules majorly.


Oh, I see. Maybe replying directly and respectfully to her could have helped, I don’t think The Hopscotch Team just deleted the topic and suspended her for no reason. THT has done so much for us, that I believe it’s unfair to blame it all on them. Let’s just start being kind to one another, forget about this situation now that it has been addressed, and welcome HappyDolphin back once she arrives back onto the forum. :grinning: