My Halloween Contest Project!



Continuing the discussion from Announcing the 2015 Hopscotch Halloween Contest:


So some on our collab account since you're part of it, right?


Sorry that it is mirrored! It is photo booths fault! This is what I have done so far right! I have worked on it in total time is almost 3 hours! When you press Witch Jody, Ghoulopus is going to flash on and off. Their is text up above the pumpkbear that says "ALL HAIL WITCH JODY". And the cauldron has fire and smoke coming out of it! Their is also bats and a regular gorilla then lightning strikes and he turns into frankenilla! That is all so far!!!!!


That looks call I did mine ( the background) but then I saw the Halloween characters so I have to start again or make my own characters :scream::+1:🏻


what about a game where you find the best route to get candy. planning out the way through groups of kids that will slow you down. going by the best houses for candy. and making it back home in time for bed. just some ideas. hope you guys make some amazing projects!!!


how to make fire? 20 CHARACTRS ARGH


It took me a while @hopscotch_king, this whole entire project took me 3 hours and 30 minutes to make.


I am working on mine. It's inspired from Moon Quest 3.


Who has played it? Hopscotch made a video here's the link