My Halloween Contest! (Development Stage)


Ok @Sweetlina @EnchantedHopscotcher we will plan here until we have it all figured out. When it's all figured out I will edit the topic.

So rewards are:

1st: 3 Nomination For Featured On Whatever Project You Want, Pixel Art Request, 3 Follows, and 30 Likes

2nd: 3 Follows and A Pixel Art Request

3rd: Pixel Art Request, 30 Likes

Sooo we need a word/phrase to call the Contest, organise a due date on project entering, and figure out a good judging technique.


What is the contest about?


@Sweetlina umm.. Halloween lol


Oh okay!

Lolz XD

Okay ummm

Spooky Contest!


@sweetlina on this post I'll put a list of ideas.

Spooky Contest
Contest Of The Spooks (CS for short maybe)
Spooks Compete!