My greatest project so far! (Featured!)



This is probably my greatest project so far, and it’s made entirely from trails which I’m trying to improve on.
Here’s a picture and link

Thank you!
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Wow that’s awesome, it’s a great Christmas trail art/background , and pretty realistic :upside_down_face:


this is??? awesome

also please dont say click the like button

ive been traumatized by my sisters watching cookie swirl c and other youtubers



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  • Lots of detail
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  • Lots of complex code
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That’s incredible!! You’re really good at making backgrounds :D


It means a lot to me!


Do hou take constructive critasisam?


Of course


You’re welcome!! :)


Like shag carpet? Who has shag carpet?
its realy good


I just did an easy to make carpet


ahem me i do ahEM

its awesome


Awesome trail art, I really like the design! :)


That is awesomely good! I really like how realistic and detailed the Trail Art is.



Very nice trail art. Since you mentioned trying to improve, I hope I can offer

a suggestion

You may have noticed that the drawing doesn’t always render the same, especially the 1st time vs a restart

This is because the Hopscotch Player’s fps (frames per second) or number of lines of code per second changes. Timing the drawing objects with a wait like this creates a race condition where the drawing sequence changes as the fps changes.

Instead, if we use Wait 0 inside a loop the project will always draw the same regardless of variances in fps. Wait 0 translates to “wait 1 frame”. The Hopscotch Player runs at 60 fps when at full speed, so the number of loops is ‘wait in milliseconds’ / 60

Or you can just use a number

If you use the same wait times a lot, you could even make custom block(s)

Merry Christmas & happy coding


There’s actually another way you can do that with values! After the first trail is done, Use "set value to 1"
Then for your next trail’s code, instead of “when game starts” Use “when value = 1”


Wow that’s great!
It’s so realistic and I love all textures!

Just an idea

I’m not sure how this will work but maybe you can make fire in the fireplace?
Using clones and maybe the person can draw their own fire?


Thanks @ThinBuffalo and @lollypopcorn! That’s super helpful!


Thats really good, detailed and realistic!


I thought you had the subscription when I saw that project :stuck_out_tongue: