My gravity isn't working as expected



I need help with gravity so my monkey doesn’t float in the air
and also my monkey just falls out off the tree and doesn’t stay on the tree



Uhh what?

Could you maybe describe the project and what, exactly, you need and/or gimme a link?


Um, there have been some physics games. You could look at the code. You’ll probably be able to find one in game changers.


I would love to help, if I can.

May I have a link to the code? I think giving it its own line cause it to create a one box. :smile:


I would also really like to help, but we need to see your code or get a link to your draft.


I think there’s a bug with Hopscotch. I’ve been trying something with my physics which would normally work, but it’s completely glitching out. Perhaps you should contact the Hopscotch team.


Yes, there have been lots of bugs with HS, which caused a part of my project “Test Your Luck” to not work, partially because of conditionals. I’m not sure about the “other part” of why it has been bugging out but it might be a bug with HS, something that has been happening lately.


Yeah. I think they know about it, but I have no idea when they’re going to act. Hopefully soon, but this is quite a major bug and must take a long time to fix. Usually I’d post a project on Hopscotch sooner, but it isn’t working properly so I’m unable to make any projects with advanced code.



Also I don’t want it so when it touches the top it stops falling


It’s touching the top


I have fixed it. I completely changed how gravity works, but here

Here’s the changes circled