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Anybody still here?


Hi :stuck_out_tongue:


I am here!!!


Hay I am here !!!!!!!!


Oh hi ther


What is uploading ??



τυχαίες λέξεις.
Έτρεξα ένα μίλι


Cool !!! I need something to code , so what should I do ??


Maybe a website or quiz.

Votre décision


Hello fren I is lonely pls gices moi potatoes potato fren


Lost my potaetos


@KVJ y u randomly spam like me?


Why not? :stuck_out_tongue:


The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.


You need to do that to!?


Anyone here?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


True commitment. there boy-o. @MiiR_legend




Hey @KVJ come check out this place