My General Topic of popcorn, giraffes, and art •v•


Hey! This is my GT
I finally have one! Yeah


Hello… its early I’ve got time why not drop in


Join the party!
I have a math state exam today…the EOC


Well, I gtg to school… I hope I pass my exam


I’ve got a Language Arts state test today


Good luck… I’m just about to get ready for school


And I just got home from school…


I’m in Europe for the first time


How is it here?


Jeez time differences


Wow… time differences I hate them


Yeah… they can be pretty big sometimes.


The view I have is crazy!


Hello and Welcome to the forum @AverageGiraffe ! I hope you enjoy your time here and I can help in any way I can!
To learn more about what I can do, check out my description!

Sincerely, @expresso (not the bot, just the creator of the bot lol)


Hello, @expresso here! This is something interesting I just felt like sharing.

So you know about the QUOTEs you can make in posts, right?

So I learned that you can affect what a person says in a QUOTE. You’ll see what I mean:

This QUOTE is obviously false, lol.

Anyways, you can do this by just changing the text in between [quote="UsernameHere", post:NUMBER, topicNUMBER, full:true] and [/quote]

You can also change the USERNAME of the person saying the quote by changing the USERNAME slot of the script with a valid username.

Sorry if people knew this already, just thought it was cool. Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, @expresso (not the bot, the creator.)


I know… I’ve got a friend with almost a whole day in time differences


That’s cool! Here let me try!


Hey, cool GT!!!


Popcorn… hmm… yum… giraffes ugh… I guess


Wow, that is a lot!