My General Topic ~ Lemony Fun ~


Hi everyone this is a topic to chat with me and I will answer questions you might have! I was inspired by…anyone who made this!!
Please be kind to each other here and keep it appropriate!


Anyone on the forum?


OK. Is there a special reason for your profile and background pics looking like cocktails?


One is lemonade the others is lemon water! I like your picture!


Can I be ur friend?
I love your drawings a lot


My fav number is 12 also :blush:


Of course, anyone is welcome here!


thanks @lemony_gem12


Hi! I’m Wyn – want to chat?


the topic reminds me of something…


I am in the school musical of The Wizard Of Oz, guys you get a request drawn by me if you guess who I am (Character)
Good Luck!


Hey lemony!!


Life Update:

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been on the forum for ages.

  • I’m going to Singapore next week for a gymnastics competition, and I will bring my iPad so I can update you guys!
  • I just got my expansion plate in so I will talk really weird for the next week, go me.


Hey Lemony!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been on our collab ;-; I’ll be on there soon hopefully? Life’s been a bit hectic lately
I hope you have fun in Singapore!


New Friend:

Check out Fizzy27



Gardens by the bay Singapore


Dose anyone watch TheOdd1sOut on YouTube?


Yeah, they’re my favorite youtuber :DDD


Yes, I watch so many animation channels.
Domics will always be my favourite, though.


He’s so good at drawing, and really funny!!