My games crash when they have too much code

Yes, it does
(Sorry if I am not being very helpful, I genuinely have no idea about what to do. You guys helping me -or doing it for me- really means a lot. Thank you!)


I noticed you said something about a “pause” feature… You don’t happen to have a recursive loop without any blocks in the code path beside the conditional, do you? That’ll cause a crash

Edit: I just tested a simple recursive loop without any blocks, but it didn’t crash. Though I know it used to. Maybe that’s been fixed.


Ok, @Noland, disregard the prior post.

I don’t know why yet but the crashes are related to this block:

And the crashes can be fixed by changing this:

To this:


@Thinbuffalo I would plant you if I had any. I just realised that some of my other projects that had the problem also have a very similar code to the one you just fixed, so in a way, you have fixed like, 10 other projects lol! You have no idea how much this has helped me, and certainly will help me in making future projects! :joy:
Thanks again!


I just noticed that this topic is set to close (I’m guessing that the auto-close comes with marking a post as the Solution).

There has been a workaround posted, but the bug still exists and has not been fixed yet. So I have removed the auto-close timer.


Yeah sorry it has fixed my project so I thought I put the “solved” thing afterwards. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I really tried, but I could never nail down a specific reason for the crashes, though I feel like the root cause has more to do with the object being destroyed than the Set Text block.

I also couldn’t get the behavior to repeat in a new project. (A crash can be replicated by referring to an object after it’s been destroyed, but that isn’t the cause here)

Further complicating the issue is that after I worked (many, many iterations) on a copy of Noland’s project trying various changes to isolate the root cause, the fix shown above no longer works.

Noland’s project demonstrating the bug is no longer published, but maybe someone from THT wants to have a look? At the moment, I can’t offer much more than labeling it an “unrepeatable glitch”


Yeah I kinda unpublished to continue on the project… here is the link to a copy of it which still has the bug:

For some reason it works better now, even though I haven’t really changed anything :thinking:
I have another project with a similar problem which I will link here (once I find it)
Edit: here is the other project: 👾 SPACE INVADERS 👾 by Noland Games
For the first one, the bug will be in text 2.
For the second one, you have to destroy all but at least three to get the bug. Pls don’t bother trying to repair the second one though, as it is really old:)


Woah woah that’s not a problem. Just get out of it. That’s the only way it will work. If that doesn’t work, message. You will be able to find that when your screen says, message us. This will only work when you click 2 times. But if that does not work, I’m not so sure. And plus how big your code is, is not that much of a problem. Just try this. It should work.

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Hum it shouldn’t be that old. It would be broken by now.

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This happens to me sometimes with projects with like one line of code

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