My Games Are Laggy OMG


I am making games on iPad Pro.But when somebody plays it IT LAGSSSSSS OOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGG


Try restarting hopscotch or shutting down your iPad and restarting it :wink:


Oh,that anyway lags ! I cant share anything,because its lagggggzzzsss


Ummm.... Ok! Email the hopscotch team :wink:


Maybe try to re download hopscotch? Or refresh your apps by double tapping the home screen button and swiping up. :wink:


It you have clones that have the rule when "is touching" or "is bumped" it makes everything really laggy.


Also, if you don't need all of the clones, you can just do "repeat times 490: create a clone" so you don't use everything up! :wink:


Maybe, (P.S i know you,you liked my project :D)


Hi are you there @SmileyAlyssa?


Thx,:smiley: :speedboat:

Thx for anwser...Maybe i will help u next time


Try to keep your posts relevant to the topic!


Your welcome!
If you want more direct help, be super specific and link your projects so I can tell you what may be wrong!
Also, it may help by deleting things you don't need, apps, songs, pictures, and especially videos!


Ok geez I wad just trying to say hi! @LazyLizard!


Sorry if that came out harsh. :wink:

Next time, try to contribute to the conversation by helping the user. :wink:

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Why are u chatting in my question :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok then you apology is a follow! Thank you!


Are you talking to me?

I don't need a follow as an apology, but if you want to follow, then go ahead! :wink:


Yes I all ready follow you can you follow me?


I'm super busy and I can't go on hopscotch, but when I get a chance, I'll totally check out your profile!


Ok thank you so much you inspire me!