My Game Planners Topic!



Hey everyone! This is gonna be my game planners topic, where I will post my upcoming games/released games instead of making entire new topics for them.

My upcoming games!

Number 1: Chi Pad 2016

A new art pad with neon, pastel, and normal shades - all HSB colors! Five shades of each normal color will be included. Also, some brushes, games, and settings will be available as well. Coming in April of 2016!

More coming soon!




I can't wait! The planning looks awesome!


(now i need to upgrade my pad)


The design looks great! I'm excited to see the outcome!


359 different hues, 100 different saturations, and 100 different darknesses in integers….
You plan on doing 10000+ different HSBs?
And is the cat a stylus, a mascot/decoration, just a fun sketch for the plan, or a character in the games? It would be interesting to have games in a drawing pad….


I'm sorry... 10,000???!!! Okay, I'm not sure I can do that. Maybe I can! There will be games, like flappy bird, a my pet game, maybe a piano tiles? The cat was just a drawing example.


<3! Well, you said all HSB colors….


oh boy

well, i plan on five shades for each color, maybe 20 colors, plus neon and pastel shades, hm...

Too lazy to do math. It's gonna be a lot. Plus, a few extra shades e.g. Maroon, aquamarine, etc...



Good luck


300 colors, most likely....


Hm. Okay.

Well, I can't get this orange HSB to work. I have to change the saturation, and...
HSB (30, 140, 120)
I can't get it any darker :D.


I thought 100 was the brightest and 100 most saturated?
Correct me if I'm wrong....


:0 oh, well that would make sense.
Argh, I feel like an id.iot!


Nevermind! I figured it out...

exasperated sigh


This is the first version of it! It looks better than I thought it would!