My Game Heart Beat Physics


This is my heart beat physics. I can't tell you how it works but search Mister de llama on hopscotchers and check out heart beat physics


It's great! I tried it on my computer, didn't work :laughing:. It works on my ipad though!


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Cool game, gonna try on it on my ipad soon


@Misterdellama Sorry if you think this is copying, but I loved this idea and created my own version with much simpler code. Here it is


Cool!! That's awesome.

Everybody gets ideas by checking out codes!!!



Thanks so much.

I think you guys are also great coders and you guys will make amazing games

Unless your already popular, but still you will do great things and games!!!

It would be awesome if anyone of you started following me

I am Mister de llama

Hopscotch on!!!